Sunday, October 7, 2012

You can find beauty in actions also..

Let me tell you a little about a woman who’s strength & dream I admire so much.. Her name is Marie Louise and she is a mom to 2 boys and a girl. That alone is worthy of admiration but what makes this mom special is her actions & dreams for her daughter, Stephanie.                 

Stephanie was born with Autism and needs care 24/7. {Please be sure to read the full story on the webpage I list at the end}  While that is dis-heartening, it has also brought out the best in Marie. She has a goal to build a future & forever home for Stephanie and girls like her in their area of the Philadelphia suburbs.

Through her work & connections she has found a wonderful group of vendors to donate their lovely items for an annual sale event called “Autism Shops”. In 3 short years she has raised 30% of the monies needed to purchase a house!!! She is constantly looking for additional ways to raise money to make this dream a reality.

Not only is Marie a beautiful lady she is the definition of “Beauty inside”.

Tune in December for another Facebook sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!