Sunday, October 7, 2012

You can find beauty in actions also..

Let me tell you a little about a woman who’s strength & dream I admire so much.. Her name is Marie Louise and she is a mom to 2 boys and a girl. That alone is worthy of admiration but what makes this mom special is her actions & dreams for her daughter, Stephanie.                 

Stephanie was born with Autism and needs care 24/7. {Please be sure to read the full story on the webpage I list at the end}  While that is dis-heartening, it has also brought out the best in Marie. She has a goal to build a future & forever home for Stephanie and girls like her in their area of the Philadelphia suburbs.

Through her work & connections she has found a wonderful group of vendors to donate their lovely items for an annual sale event called “Autism Shops”. In 3 short years she has raised 30% of the monies needed to purchase a house!!! She is constantly looking for additional ways to raise money to make this dream a reality.

Not only is Marie a beautiful lady she is the definition of “Beauty inside”.

Tune in December for another Facebook sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. She is to be admired not only for her courage but for her determination. Thank you for spotlighting her cause; one that is close to my heart since my older sister is autistic. God Bless you both!

  2. I am the Great-Aunt to a sweet little boy that has Autism also so anything I can do, I try!! Bless you also Karen! xo