Thursday, November 1, 2012

A visit from Sandy that is not my sister.

A visit from Sandy that is not my sister.

You wonder how I could find beauty in the Hurricane Sandy {or as it has been nicknamed: Frankenstorm} that hit the East Coast the week of October 29th??

Well the beauty I see is the coming together of neighbors and strangers to help each other. Whether it is with donations to Red Cross, local shelters or the sharing food & power. There were so many stories on the news, from the 19 year old that saw a tree down on a street in a neighbor he visits friends in but does not live in and he went back with a hand saw and spent Thursday cut it down to get off the road. Or the guys at Brunelleschi Construction {Kitchen Cousins} in Jersey City using their massive portable pump to go from home to home in Jersey City & Hoboken to pump out flooded basements & 1st floors. But the story that touched me the most was Mayor Corey Booker answering pleas via Twitter to check on people throughout the city of Newark, NJ. 

Many stories will come out  in the weeks to come and I find that is beauty in life to share. 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

You can find beauty in actions also..

Let me tell you a little about a woman who’s strength & dream I admire so much.. Her name is Marie Louise and she is a mom to 2 boys and a girl. That alone is worthy of admiration but what makes this mom special is her actions & dreams for her daughter, Stephanie.                 

Stephanie was born with Autism and needs care 24/7. {Please be sure to read the full story on the webpage I list at the end}  While that is dis-heartening, it has also brought out the best in Marie. She has a goal to build a future & forever home for Stephanie and girls like her in their area of the Philadelphia suburbs.

Through her work & connections she has found a wonderful group of vendors to donate their lovely items for an annual sale event called “Autism Shops”. In 3 short years she has raised 30% of the monies needed to purchase a house!!! She is constantly looking for additional ways to raise money to make this dream a reality.

Not only is Marie a beautiful lady she is the definition of “Beauty inside”.

Tune in December for another Facebook sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

She is beautiful inside & out!!

Happy Happy Birthday to one of the most beautiful people I know- she has a heart of gold!!!!!

Happy ♪ ♫• *¨ *• .¸ ¸ Birthday ♥ ¸¸. •*¨*•♫♪ To You...♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸Happy ♥ .•*¨* • ♫♪
 Birthday ♪ to you ♫
•*¨*•. Happy Birthday¸¸♥ ¸¸.•* Jessica!!!!!!¨*• ♪♫ Happy ♥ Birthday ♥ to You! ♥

I am so happy that we met all those years ago!! but honey- I will never go to that museum
 again- LOL!!!!

God has not always handed you what you deserve, but what you can handle in life!

Jessica, my Sparkle Warrior Princess

        HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Sunday thought .....

A squeal worthy moment…

Ever have one of those?? You know when you get something you really, really want or you make a comment/post to a “famous” person about something and they REPLY!! I usually take a pic on my iphone and share with a gf- what do you do?? 

Well, I recently had it happen twice, first one was when I posted a thank you to Genevieve Gorder for sharing her awesome vacation pics, that I get to dream through her photos & SHE replied!! #2 was when I wished Chaz Dean good luck for another sell out of his TSV on QVC & HE replied back!!

So many things put a smile on my face and make me happy, a hug when I finally meet someone in person that I have been communicating with on social media- I recently had the “squeal moment” when I met Katia at QVC- she is as lovely as she is beautiful. In case wondering who she is, well she is the lovely natural super curly hair model for Chaz Dean’s WEN line. Also met Mary another WEN model and she was so lovely also and gave me info on what they do on now cleansing days {that is another post someday- my love of WEN}.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

From the World of Beauty

From the World of Beauty

2 wonderful and talented ladies that I have had the privilege of meeting and watching them “at work”, have both started their own companies this year. I admire them so much for spreading their wings and following their dreams!

Christina Choi, a nationally recognized makeup artist who in the past has worked for MAC & bareMinerals {Bare Escentuals} has developed her own line of cosmetics called ChristinaChoiCosmetics. It is a mix of classic and fashion forward eye colors {and some can be used on the cheeks} luxe lip glosses and posh brushes.

Alex Pappas, a very talented makeup artist that in the past was part of the National Artistry team for bareMinerals {Bare Escentuals} and currently the Makeup Artist for FOX 5/myfoxNY, has started a business based on her patented idea & design for shoe accessories called Arch Tags. Bling for the soles of your shoes, various designs to make the plain underside of shoes be special.

I admire the courage that both of these ladies have to create a company & product of their dreams! To me that is “in life there is much Beauty” .
Congrats Ladies! & thank you for sharing with us! 

Links to their sites are over there ------->

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

In awe of their true Beauty

In awe of their true Beauty.....

I have 2 friends that are battling terrible diseases, but they do not allow that to define them. I so admire their strength.

Tish is such a lovely lady that is a Mom, wife, daughter, BE Addict and has Lupus. Notice the first thing I call her- MOM, well that is the best way to describe her, she has 2 lovely daughters that are her world. . Tish is married to the love of her life- M as we call him- he dotes on her, and she him. She is who she is both beautiful inside & out and is living with the disease, it is not who she is. I have not the chance to meet her face to face yet, but will do someday and give her the biggest hug I can!  Love you.. La dish, my Tish.

Then there is my Sparkle Jess, she is one of my besties and is in the battle of her life against the yucky disease, you know the one … the big C.  She is so strong and has battled other things in her life and as with them and this- she WILL win!  She has one of the most beautiful hearts I have ever met. She has made me smile, made me laugh and made me see many things in a different view. She has taught me so much about life and does not even know it! She is a sister, a daughter and a wonderful person. She will defend her friends to anyone. She is such a Beauty in every definition of the word.

As I titled this, I am so in awe of their True Beauty and love them so much, I wish them happiness in their lives and triumph in their battles.

Xoxo mwah!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Life changes, should I embrace it? …

Life changes, should I embrace it? …

Yes!! The source that connects me to most everyone that I am friends with, no matter how we became friends, I can say it is because of bareMinerals and Leslie Blodgett. We have seen much change in that world, BUT we all remain friends and we can thank that crazy Mark Zuckerburg for giving us a format to be able to communicate with ease. I for one am not a big phone talker {Yes I know Jess we did talk that one time for 2 hours} but having Facebook as an option on how we “talk” to each other is fabulous!! Sharing our joys & laughs, beauty tips, shopping finds and family events has been wonderful. I am so thankful that I have met ya’ll. 

Are you embracing the changes that Life has given you lately?? Tell me what has brought you Joy.

The Positive for the day: On the one year anniversary of losing his eyesight in a hidden bomb blast in Afghanistan, Navy Lt Brad Snyder won a Paralympic Gold Medal in swimming!. Woohoo- that is awesome!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Who & what inspired me to start this journey…

Who & what inspired me to start this journey…

Well I love “cheering” and hugging everyone that I friend and someone recently thanked me for it. That made me realize we all need positive thoughts, posts to help make the day just a little better.

 One of my best friends is going through Chemo and she still makes me smile & laugh and I enjoy encouraging her on this battle {one that she will win}. Several of my BEauties had major career changes this year with some finding success in new areas and others taking time to find what was right for them. One started a new beauty venture and I had lots of fun with the launch on Facebook with her. One BEauty encourages me to think outside the box, and loves the ease of text messaging as much as me. Another has an online lifestyle editorial magazine that I find so informative & fun.  Did you realize even people in the public eye like encouraging comments??

All these wonderful friends have made a place in my heart.

So today’s positive is from Ollie, my little 3 legged grandpup- he just loves to run and he looks like a bunny doing it! 

Something that makes me smile

Something that makes me smile, laugh & inspires me, is my Favorite show- Kitchen Cousins on HGTV.
It gives me giggles the way the guys interact {and they are very easy on the eyes} with each other. The early shows in season #1 they used some of the most gorgeous Italian cabinetry with slick finishes and pops of color!! I mean who thinks to put bright orange in a kitchen on the cabinets??? 

I generally do not watch “reality tv” I usually watch shows such as NCIS, NCIS LA, Law & Order, Blue Bloods, Rizzolo & Isles, gritty story based shows, but something about Kitchen Cousins {and not just because of Tori- inside joke} compels me to watch.

It is only a ½ hour long at this point so very condensed- there was an hour special episode when they did a WHOLE house rehab for a lucky family in Pittsburgh for a gift from Ellen DeGeneres. They have shown me color combinations “outside” the box. Some of the materials that they show us for countertops & backsplash- WOWZA!

So what are your favorite shows??   Tell me if you have watched the Cousins.

Todays’ Positive is for RLS--- We love you & things are going to be better than ever!! xoxox

Friday, September 7, 2012

In life there is much beauty….

In life there is much beauty….

And I find the need to share and encourage it.  I wanted to start a blog where I can share the positive and encourage others with whatever they do.  I want to be able to share the joy I find in the things we do, people we meet, the latest purchase or even the joyful video we found.  I want to talk about the t.v. show I enjoyed, the book I found delight in, and I want you to share with me along this journey we call life.

Who am I, you might ask- I am you but just a different age/size/place in life.  I am empty-nester mom, the kid is grown graduated college and soaring in Navy Aviation these days. Yes I am a very proud mom!! I have friends that surround me, either in person, email, messages, via blogs or facebook. I work too many hours, I like to be busy- otherwise I think too much, you know the "what if's". I am also the mom to 2 fat doxies and grammie to a 3 legged doxie that we are taking care of for the son.  I am a fashionist, beauty addict {but to my favorite brands}.

I want to share the web sites, blogs that I enjoy & find delight in, as I want you to share with me {us} the ones you find also.

To start I want to share several of my favorite blogs/web sites.

Ever Beautiful