Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Sunday thought .....

A squeal worthy moment…

Ever have one of those?? You know when you get something you really, really want or you make a comment/post to a “famous” person about something and they REPLY!! I usually take a pic on my iphone and share with a gf- what do you do?? 

Well, I recently had it happen twice, first one was when I posted a thank you to Genevieve Gorder for sharing her awesome vacation pics, that I get to dream through her photos & SHE replied!! #2 was when I wished Chaz Dean good luck for another sell out of his TSV on QVC & HE replied back!!

So many things put a smile on my face and make me happy, a hug when I finally meet someone in person that I have been communicating with on social media- I recently had the “squeal moment” when I met Katia at QVC- she is as lovely as she is beautiful. In case wondering who she is, well she is the lovely natural super curly hair model for Chaz Dean’s WEN line. Also met Mary another WEN model and she was so lovely also and gave me info on what they do on now cleansing days {that is another post someday- my love of WEN}.

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