Friday, September 7, 2012

In life there is much beauty….

In life there is much beauty….

And I find the need to share and encourage it.  I wanted to start a blog where I can share the positive and encourage others with whatever they do.  I want to be able to share the joy I find in the things we do, people we meet, the latest purchase or even the joyful video we found.  I want to talk about the t.v. show I enjoyed, the book I found delight in, and I want you to share with me along this journey we call life.

Who am I, you might ask- I am you but just a different age/size/place in life.  I am empty-nester mom, the kid is grown graduated college and soaring in Navy Aviation these days. Yes I am a very proud mom!! I have friends that surround me, either in person, email, messages, via blogs or facebook. I work too many hours, I like to be busy- otherwise I think too much, you know the "what if's". I am also the mom to 2 fat doxies and grammie to a 3 legged doxie that we are taking care of for the son.  I am a fashionist, beauty addict {but to my favorite brands}.

I want to share the web sites, blogs that I enjoy & find delight in, as I want you to share with me {us} the ones you find also.

To start I want to share several of my favorite blogs/web sites.

Ever Beautiful


  1. I look forward to getting to know you better through your blog! Congrats on doing this!!! You took the it is time to soar.

    So proud of you for extending your thoughts, feelings and sharing it with all of us.

    Lots of love to you with this new journey...


  2. Congrats, Debra! My dear daughter challenged me to start my Photo Blog back in January 2009 while she was away at grad school... as a way of keeping in touch. She did one too, and then we would check out each other's blog every day. I enjoyed it so much that I continue posting... even tho she is now home from grad school.
    Kindest Regards,
    OM girl/Becky

  3. Thank you Becky!! Please post your link here!! I am sure others will enjoy your vision! xo