Tuesday, September 11, 2012

In awe of their true Beauty

In awe of their true Beauty.....

I have 2 friends that are battling terrible diseases, but they do not allow that to define them. I so admire their strength.

Tish is such a lovely lady that is a Mom, wife, daughter, BE Addict and has Lupus. Notice the first thing I call her- MOM, well that is the best way to describe her, she has 2 lovely daughters that are her world. . Tish is married to the love of her life- M as we call him- he dotes on her, and she him. She is who she is both beautiful inside & out and is living with the disease, it is not who she is. I have not the chance to meet her face to face yet, but will do someday and give her the biggest hug I can!  Love you.. La dish, my Tish.

Then there is my Sparkle Jess, she is one of my besties and is in the battle of her life against the yucky disease, you know the one … the big C.  She is so strong and has battled other things in her life and as with them and this- she WILL win!  She has one of the most beautiful hearts I have ever met. She has made me smile, made me laugh and made me see many things in a different view. She has taught me so much about life and does not even know it! She is a sister, a daughter and a wonderful person. She will defend her friends to anyone. She is such a Beauty in every definition of the word.

As I titled this, I am so in awe of their True Beauty and love them so much, I wish them happiness in their lives and triumph in their battles.

Xoxo mwah!

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  1. Thank you for these comments and compliments about two wonders. I've yet to meet either of these wonderful women yet as well. But I hope I can get through with such beauty and grace. , Debra you are doing a fabulous job of writing about two tremendous women who really deserve a nod. I thank you and say, Thank God for helping them win their battles and for having you in their corner to cheer them on. How blessed they are ;)