Saturday, September 8, 2012

Who & what inspired me to start this journey…

Who & what inspired me to start this journey…

Well I love “cheering” and hugging everyone that I friend and someone recently thanked me for it. That made me realize we all need positive thoughts, posts to help make the day just a little better.

 One of my best friends is going through Chemo and she still makes me smile & laugh and I enjoy encouraging her on this battle {one that she will win}. Several of my BEauties had major career changes this year with some finding success in new areas and others taking time to find what was right for them. One started a new beauty venture and I had lots of fun with the launch on Facebook with her. One BEauty encourages me to think outside the box, and loves the ease of text messaging as much as me. Another has an online lifestyle editorial magazine that I find so informative & fun.  Did you realize even people in the public eye like encouraging comments??

All these wonderful friends have made a place in my heart.

So today’s positive is from Ollie, my little 3 legged grandpup- he just loves to run and he looks like a bunny doing it! 

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