Saturday, September 8, 2012

Something that makes me smile

Something that makes me smile, laugh & inspires me, is my Favorite show- Kitchen Cousins on HGTV.
It gives me giggles the way the guys interact {and they are very easy on the eyes} with each other. The early shows in season #1 they used some of the most gorgeous Italian cabinetry with slick finishes and pops of color!! I mean who thinks to put bright orange in a kitchen on the cabinets??? 

I generally do not watch “reality tv” I usually watch shows such as NCIS, NCIS LA, Law & Order, Blue Bloods, Rizzolo & Isles, gritty story based shows, but something about Kitchen Cousins {and not just because of Tori- inside joke} compels me to watch.

It is only a ½ hour long at this point so very condensed- there was an hour special episode when they did a WHOLE house rehab for a lucky family in Pittsburgh for a gift from Ellen DeGeneres. They have shown me color combinations “outside” the box. Some of the materials that they show us for countertops & backsplash- WOWZA!

So what are your favorite shows??   Tell me if you have watched the Cousins.

Todays’ Positive is for RLS--- We love you & things are going to be better than ever!! xoxox


  1. My favorite tv shows are "The Big Bang Theory" and "The Vicar of Dibley"... because they both make me LOL. :*)

  2. Oh Becky, Big Bang Theory is funny, just recently started watching the earlier seasons!! hmm off to find the Vicar of Dibley!
    ~ thanks

  3. Grey's Anatomy; Rookie Blue; The Next Iron Chef; The Mentalist; The Good Wife; Big Bang Theory

  4. ohh great list!! Loved The Good Wife the first season, lost interest * might need to review!